Tips For Tofu Selections And Storage

Everything About Tofu Tips For Tofu Selections & Storage

Storage of Unicurd™

Tofu As Unicurd™ Tofu do not use any preservatives in the production, it is advised to store the products in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4 degrees. Please also check expiry date of the Tofu to ensure that you consume only the freshest tofu from the box.

After opening the box, it is advisable to refrigerate any unused portions promptly in an airtight container and use within 2-3 days maximum. You should cover the tofu with a pinch of salt in water. As a source of protein, tofu is highly perishable once removed from the airtight package. To avoid food borne illness, we do not recommend eating leftover tofu after 3 days.

Tips for Selecting Tofu

Taste- If you detect a distinctive sour taste in your tofu dishes, it simply means that the tofu has turned bad. The sour taste indicates that there is a high level of mircrobial contamination in it. If tofu is not kept refrigerated at the correct chilled temperature, it will spoil before the expiry date indicated on the box of tofu

Colour- Tofu are in general white or yellowish white. Unless the tofu is specially concocted with other ingredients (e.g our Hakka range of yellow and black tofu), tofu of other colours would mean that the tofu had turned bad or are contaminated.

Density-Tofu are of a mass density which means it will sink in liquid. If the tofu you purchase "floats", it is a sign that the tofu might have been contaminated.