Tofu Appreciation

Everything About Tofu Tofu Appreciation

How do you appreciate Tofu?

Tofu is a delicacy, and it takes the finest people to appreciate and differentiate the best among the rest.

There are different elements in appreciating a premium grade tofu

  • Color - Tofu is generally white in color, with a yellowish tint due to its soya bean heritage. Tofu that are not of this color most likely had turned sour or mouldy which are not good for consumption.
  • Texture - The density of the tofu will determine the texture of the Tofu. The general texture of Tofu are classified as soft, smooth or firm.
  • Aroma - Good quality Tofu are accompanied by a fresh beany aroma. Tofu that had turned bad have a distinctive sourish aroma to indicate the change in quality
  • Taste - Tofu made of premium grade Soya beans will have a rich beany taste to indicate its good quality. Tofu that are made of inferior beans would have a bland taste which would greatly affect the deliciousness of tofu dishes made.